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As a relatively new marketing technique, SMS marketing campaigns are still not being used by the majority of businesses, despite its unique reach, capability and incredibly low cost. SMS marketing is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with both their employees and their customers, playing an influential role in important sales events and public information campaigns. No matter the type or size of the company you work with, SMS marketing could most likely help your business. What is holding you back from the future? Here are a few unfounded common complaints about SMS marketing.

1. It is too complicated.

For those companies that are proud of running their businesses with the same processes and protocols of their parents’ day because those strategies brought the company its current success, fears that embarking on an SMS campaign will be like trying to fix something that was not broken with a seemingly complicated new strategy are understandable. SMS campaigns are new and they do take advantage of modern mobile technologies and software platforms that can be almost overwhelming to the non-computer savvy business.

The beauty of SMS marketing campaigns, however, lies in their straightforward nature. A specialized technician can install all of the necessary software onto your business’ network, helping you setup your client list and send out your first test messages. Once the system is established, sending future messages to hundreds of your customers is as easy as sending a text to your friend through your personal mobile device. Better still, you will always have 24-hour access to help and advice from your SMS marketing provider. Still too complicated?

2. I don’t want to annoy my customers by being invasive.

SMS marketing campaigns are never formed by simply trolling through your existing client data for mobile numbers that you can then plug into the phone number database that will receive your messages. In fact, companies using SMS marketing campaigns are legally obligated to ask their customers for permission before they start using their phone numbers for anything other than contact concerning a problem or reminder. Companies are also required to clearly let their customers know how they can remove themselves from the text list with very little hassle. With all of these checks in place, there is very little chance that your short messages will annoy anyone!

3. How will I get my customers to sign up?

Many people worry that they will have trouble getting a significant portion of their clients to agree to receive text message offers and news. In reality, studies show that 59% of global consumers prefer to receive offers through SMS than through any other mobile marketing technique. If these numbers are correct, over half of your customers would also be interested in enrolling in your SMS campaign. To get the ball rolling, try offering your clients some incentive for signing up, such as a discount on their next purchase or additional benefits through your rewards program. Don’t be afraid to ask.

4. This is not a long-term marketing strategy.

Even though text messages are, by nature, concise and quick engagements with the public, it’s no reason to believe their effects will also be short-term. Using SMS marketing allows you to continuously engage with your customers in a way that does not consume a great deal of their time or require much action from them other than reading their text messages. This sort of low-impact, short and sweet advertising can go a long way in extending the longevity of a company.

If you are worried about how an SMS marketing campaign will affect your company, don’t let any of these fears hold you back. This type of marketing strategy might be just what your company is looking for.