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On December 16, 2020, the acquisition of Silverstreet by Soprano Design became effective. The union of Silverstreet and Soprano Design allows improvement of the communication services portfolio and a greater presence in the Asian market. The acquisition consolidates Soprano Design as one of the leaders in communications platforms as a service (CPaaS) and sends a powerful message to the market. It Soprano’s commitment to differentiate itself as a leading platform focused on security and compliance.

The need for growth and consolidation of CPaaS platforms

The growth of the global CPaaS market has been accelerated in the context of the pandemic and Soprano has become a key player for the interactions between people. At a time where relationships between people and companies are more complicated than ever, every message sent can be critical. Through communications APIs and global, scalable, enterprise-level integrations, Soprano provides the tools necessary to help companies interact with their customers efficiently and through the communication channel of their choice.

Silverstreet joins the Soprano Design family

With Soprano’s the acquisition of Silverstreet, the two organizations have a more consolidated presence in the Asian market and expand the portfolio of services and technologies, providing meaningful interactions through SMS, RCS, WhatsApp for Business, Email, Voice and IP messaging. Silverstreet, as a specialist in cloud communications, stands out for creating solutions for day-to-day operations and customer engagement with a global reach. For example, the AI ​​chatbot service that can be effortlessly implemented to meet the needs of today’s consumer. Services such as the AI-based chatbot enrich Soprano’s portfolio of services and provide a better user experience, greater availability and minimize the workload of sales and customer service staff.

About Silverstreet and Soprano Design

Since 1999, Silverstreet has strived to become a global communication bridge between its business partners and consumers. 20 years after Silverstreet was founded in Tilburg, the Netherlands, it has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Poland. Soprano Design, based in Sydney, offers its CPaaS services to more than 100 of the leading international companies, financial institutions and large government agencies in four regions of the world. Soprano has made similar acquisitions in the past, such as Orange Gum Pte Ltd in 2009 or SITmobile in 2014.