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On the surface, text messaging seems like a straightforward concept with lucrative marketing potential. For example, you create a mass text to your demographic and hit the send button. Expecting your consumers will respond by the droves. Unfortunately, a reality check is in order; any seasoned marketer knows that no marketing concept is ever that simple. The truth is that texting is an incredible concept. But also one that can be seen as intrusive if utilized the wrong way.

Stats Don’t Lie

The numbers and statistics reveal a very positive outlook on SMS. It’s certainly food for thought for businesses considering using text messaging channels as part of their promotional endeavors.

  1. 96% of smartphone users use SMS.
  2. 98% of all texts are opened and read, compared to just 22% of non-personal emails.
  3. Coupons and discount codes sent via text are ten times more likely to be redeemed than coupons sent through traditional mail.
  4. 70% of mobile phone users have indicated that they wouldn’t mind receiving promotional offers through their devices.

How to Make Your Text Messaging Campaign Profitable

The success of your text messaging campaign is depends on your ability to identify with your audience, either in professional and personal level. Every component from the choice of wording to the frequency of your messages will play a direct role that can make or break your campaign. The following are some guidelines to help increase the efficiency of your text-based marketing efforts:

1. Find Your Sweet Spot

Texting too often can be seen as an intrusion; not texting enough can cause missed sales opportunities. You have to find the right frequency where you can consistently give your consumers value without becoming an annoyance. Analyze your industry carefully. If you owned a barbershop, observed that your customers come in about once a month. Therefore, you may consider sending a text at around the 3 weeks to try to get them to come in sooner for a trim.

2. Find the Right Balance Between Professionalism and Casualness

Depending on your specific industry, the so-called “text speaking” may or may not be appropriate. Text speaking refers to using wording and abbreviations like “LOL” and “OMG” or using “U” in place of “you”. If you run an insurance company, for instance, then such language will come off as unprofessional. On the other hand, if you operate a teen apparel store, text speaking might help you connect with the younger demographic.

3. Remember that the First Few Words Matter the Most

Depending on the operating system of the user’s phone. Only the first 30 to 60 characters will be seen until the message is opened. Those initial characters are very important and should contain keyword that hooks the reader with some type of enticing offer. Examples of a good beginning for a marketing message include:

  1. Save 25% on your next…
  2. Get free shipping for orders…
  3. Zero down payment when you…

Let it be known to your consumers that the message contains details on how they can take advantage of a generous offer. This will dramatically improve message open rates.

Text Marketing Works BUT Only if the Right Plan is in Place

The worst thing you can do with texting services is to approach them as if they were cold calling. Simply sending repeated texts to a mass audience may result in bad sales. As it may hurt your reputation as many will see it as a nuisance. An effective marketing approach needs must have a strategy in place. For example, understanding of your consumers, buying behavior, and spending habits.

You have to step into your customers’ shoes in order to produce valuable and informative texting content that converts into sales. Use text messaging to connect with your client base today!