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Google RCS

We are early access partner to Google RCS


Early Access Partner for RCS

Silverstreet is excited to be working with Google as an Early Access Partner for their Rich Communication Services (RCS).

RCS upgrades the carrier messaging experience that comes standard on phones, bringing richer features like group chat, high-res photo sharing, read receipts and typing indicators as a default part of the experience. RCS business messaging uses RCS (Rich Communication Services) to upgrade business SMS with rich media, interactivity, branding and better analytics. With RCS business messaging, businesses can engage mobile customers in new ways with more useful and dynamic messages. The EAP from Google enables brands and messaging providers to develop more enhanced messages for the platform which is where Silverstreet will step in as a partner.

These are exciting times in the messaging industry and Silverstreet is proud to be on the forefront of it. We look forward to announcing more details soon and to be working with our partners on engaging with Google and RCS.

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