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Living in the moment may be the best choice for your personal life, but most people would agree that managing a company and launching its marketing campaigns are areas of your life that are best planned out well in advance. As such, have you already thought about where you see your company going in 2020?

We’re well into the new year, and for some companies, it’s yet to be determined how they will successfully tackle their marketing goals in the future. What should you keep in mind when strategizing for your business’s bright future in 2020?

Know your strategy

Why do you want to use mobile marketing techniques versus print or email ads? If the answer is at all unclear, you should take some time to understand what it is that you are expecting to get out of this marketing strategy and whether they are realistic and affordable options for your individual business. There are many forms of mobile marketing that can be included in your campaign. Finding the right combination of tools to make the most successful campaign for your business requires you to clearly outline your goals and comprehend the potential of basic mobile marketing tools.

Mobile app or mobile website?

To begin, would you like to construct a mobile app, mobile website, or take advantage of other platforms to advertise your company? Mobile apps must be operating-system-specific and downloaded from a public marketplace. Apps are great for using other data that your customers receive through their phones – like their GPS location – to function better. Mobile websites are optimized for viewing on small screens, but still, open up in your phone’s web browser and don’t require users to download anything. Both are attractive options for a strong mobile campaign, but for different reasons.

SMS Marketing too?

Instead of building your own mobile presence, you can also make the most out of existing mobile apps and programming. SMS marketing is a rising star in the arena of mobile marketing, allowing business owners to contact thousands of customers effectively and efficiently, with little cost. SMS marketing can be a tool for a myriad of companies, from public service NGOs to high-end clothing retailers, acting as a communication channel between the public and your company.

SMS Marketing, in comparison with most other types of traditional marketing techniques and even its most commonly associated competition email marketing, has been shown to reach more customers and actually be read by more customers than almost any other marketing tool targeting individual customers. In fact, SMS is found to be the most widely used function on mobile phones other than actually making and receiving phone calls. There is no doubt that SMS marketing can significantly strengthen any mobile marketing campaign.

Time to Get Going

Change can come at any time, but the old cliche of there not being any time like the present certainly holds true in launching a marketing campaign for your business. Aligning a new marketing strategy with the trends of 2020 may help you to reorient you and your staff’s old habits with the new directions you plan on taking. It’s still early in the year, and the best time to kick-start a new business venture with a little ingenuity and creativity. Setting new goals, reaching new clients, and creating new ideas for your company will never be easier than they are at this very moment. The future is now!

Outlining your goals and realistic expectations will go a long way toward helping you strategize a successful mobile marketing campaign. Launching your efforts at the beginning of the year can help give you the added boost you might need to focus on your newly defined goals and reach out to your customers.