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Owning a business is becoming more common and more easy these days. You can have one by just staying at home, by just being right in front of a computer, with just enough funds and resources. Everything is being sold and bought on the Internet – outfits and gadgets, out-of-the-country trips, food and delivery services. It is no surprise that even malware is now a business in the World Wide Web – an uprising dilemma in all countries and industries nowadays.

Yes, folks, there are businesses now developing and offering technology that hacks and corrupts the data and the systems of other businesses – all for the gain of money. They design and they market malware as products and services that are purchased or subscribed to by cybercriminals. These, then, become the criminals’ tools in attacking and victimizing different companies from different industries – from healthcare organizations to telecom firms – all again for the gain of money.

As a matter of fact, the famous WannaCry attack in May 2017 that targeted and affected various establishments, one of which is the international company FedEx, was by The Shadow Brokers, a group of hackers with stolen data that they offer and sell to cyber criminals. Also, in November 2014, an uneventful breach of data of Sony Pictures was brought about by the hacker group Guardians of Peace, and the malware responsible for it is actually available and accessible to culprits in the market – in the darknet market, that is – in exchange of, of course, a good amount of money. Malware-as-a-service attacking and causing losses in established giants such as FedEx and Sony reveals it is, as well, a no-joke giant menace in the world of technology.

Having malware-as-a-service going around the corner as easy and normal as purchasing a Netflix subscription is both alarming and frightening. This is proof that the crimes in technology and the threats to cybersecurity are altogether advancing in caliber and progressing in impact. Worse will be the effects, greater will be the damages as more discoveries are being made and as more current schemes are being upgraded. This is sad yet true: as years go by, attacks cannot and will not get any simpler. In the future, we cannot and will not be any safer.

But we can be wiser. We can be more ready. We can be more proactive. We can prepare better, respond better. We can enhance our tools and invest on software that will protect and that will secure our systems. We can prepare a crisis management plan and train our staff for actual times of cyber attacks. Yes, malware-as-a-service may continue to advance and to evolve, but so can security and protection. So can businesses and organizations. So can we. So can you. As long as you have the initiative and the intention and the vigilance – whether you are the CEO or just a regular employee – you can still combat and beat the attacks and crises of malware-as-a-service in your data and systems.

A lot of tools are at hand out there for you to safeguard and to take care of your business. Try Twizo Authentication as an early defense mechanism against risks and threats. Remember: you cannot get any safer, but you can be wiser.