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Believe it or not, almost anyone who has a mobile phone today is also a user of SMS. Time has flown, and people have been taking advantage of the Short Messaging Service (SMS) for almost twenty years. SMS is a common feature of modern communication in the lives of millions of people around the world. If your company hasn’t started using the SMS channel to reach out to your market base, you are probably missing out on the huge marketing opportunity.

Not only the SMS campaigns hugely effective in reaching out and connecting with customers, but they are also extremely affordable and offer one of the best returns on investments (ROI) of any marketing tool.

Are SMS Marketing Campaigns Complicated to Launch?

SMS campaigns are likely using a widespread communication channel that works with only a few lines of text, and turns out to be one of the easiest forms of marketing design, execute and monitor. As for many companies, the majority of groundwork involved in the initial phase is to choose a method to retrieve client phone numbers and organize them in a logical database. Depending on your type of company, client numbers are often easily obtained either in person or electronically during the customer’s normal interaction with your company. If you are afraid no one will want to sign up, offering a bonus of some sort for their participation can help.

Once your contact list is compiled and organized, you can create an SMS campaign for practically any goals your company may be moving towards. A great way to increase traffic to various types of businesses is to offer discounts or coupons for limited amounts of time via SMS to those loyal customers who opted into your phone list. It can also be beneficial to keep your customers updated on any company news, like new products, site openings, or applicable news tidbits. The key during this phase is to find the balance between interacting with your newly connected customers and not making them feel hounded. Professional SMS campaign providers can help you understand what the right balance is for your company and the market base.

How Can SMS Marketing Help You Reach Out?

SMS campaigns are not only for soliciting direct investment in your company. Even if they do not lead to a single direct sale, if an SMS campaign has strengthened the loyalty of your current customer base along with their interest and dedication to your company, it has helped the company a great deal. Especially if you allow your clients to respond, offering their opinions, or even simply to enter in a competition, they will feel much more connected to your business and are more likely to remain with your company. An SMS campaign allows you to have short and simple communication with your customers regularly, without being intrusive or annoying.

SMS marketing will cost you less than other marketing tools and bring you a higher ROI – Tweet this!

SMS marketing will cost you less than other marketing tools and bring you a higher ROI for your company. It can directly impact your profit margin or indirectly earn you money by deepening your customers’ interest in and loyalty to your company and product. Do not let your company fall behind the times. Use the convenient marketing tools of SMS campaigns to connect with your market base and strengthen its foundations if not expand its boundaries.