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You’ve likely been part of an SMS marketing campaign before. But let’s take a quick look at the basics and terminology. SMS marketing campaigns involve a specific keyword and a short code (as well as a brand name) for the subscriber to opt-in or join the campaign that you offer.

For example, retail wants to promote their upcoming promotional deals. They will compose an SMS into this: “Warehouse sale. Type “SALE20” to 22882 to enjoy a $20 discount for all items at the stores. Valid by the end of May. T&C applied”.

It’s a Marketing Medium

Some businesses use SMS marketing tools to communicate with their employees to streamline the entire company’s functionality. Government and social service agencies to protect citizens from dangerous situations by sending an alert of significant events and happenings. Service providers use SMS marketing to make sure their customers remember their appointments. In general, its instant delivery, high open rate, easy opt-in, doesn’t require internet, cross-channel promotion and etc.

Many companies do not require the ability to be able to receive responses to the messages replied from the customer. In fact, these companies use the SMS channel as they don’t want the customer to simply press the “respond” button for replying to the messages. Unless they are trying to remove themselves from the mailing list instead of asking them to email or call in any questions or concerns. This is especially useful for companies with thousands of clients and a large volume of correspondence compare to those companies are sending out basic informational messages that normally would not merit a response. From the company’s perspective, limiting the ability to respond can be an attractive quality.

There are many instances, however, when allowing or even promoting customer response is beneficial to the company launching the marketing campaign through the SMS channel. Luckily, many Bulk SMS providers now offer the option of leaving the SMS open to the response by customers to a central email account. Mass response to the other clients that received the SMS remains impossible, however; response is only permitted to form a bidirectional channel with the advertising company. This sort of open communication can be useful for several reasons and various types of businesses.


For companies that would like to use the SMS channel to gather the customer’s feedback. By allowing two-way SMS traffic that will give the advertising company the benefits of using one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available along with receiving important information in a quick, concise, and safer way.

Sales and Offers

Retailers can permit two-way SMS responses in their SMS campaigns to allow for their customers to ask any questions or express any concerns they may have about the offer or news they just received via text in a simple and straightforward manner. Using SMS to solve easy problems can save your company a great time and resources manning a more traditional call center or other troubleshooting space.

Interactive Advertising

Allowing clients to respond to an SMS campaign can change the nature of the campaign itself. Making the messages as interactive as possible increases the chance that your customer will use the information you provide. You can include a small trivia question in the message or asking the client’s opinion about something to show that your company is interested in their thoughts and preferences, increasing the overall efficacy of your message and SMS campaign.

Informational Exchanges

Organizations that use SMS to share information and promote question and answer dialogues can also make use of these sorts of bidirectional SMS channels. Some organizations in developing countries like Uganda have implemented SMS marketing campaigns to educate youth on otherwise taboo topics like sexual health and domestic violence. Clients can anonymously respond to informational messages to ask any questions or express any doubts without judgment by their communities.

SMS Marketing has already developed into a more sophisticated tool since the initial launch. Make sure you use a Bulk SMS provider like Silverstreet that allows you to customize your SMS marketing push to include bidirectional responses by your clients to get the most out of your campaign.