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Over the decades, technology has been labeled and proven itself as a very helpful tool in the daily works and dealings of things. Every individual, institution, and society will all have technology as a necessity and a norm. However, as much as technology is a wonder, it comes with inevitable dilemmas and potential harms.

Data authentication, one of the truly impressive products of technology, is a significant component of businesses these days. It is a provider of security and a promoter of efficiency in data storage and usage among private individuals and entities.

Unfortunately, this beauty and work of technology is being challenged and threatened by alarming problems and potential risks at present. These events may result in data loss, data leak, and data breach. Data loss is the loss of access and/or loss of possession of data. The usual causes of such a problem are lost, damaged, and stolen devices or gadgets serving as a reservoir of data. Data leak is the exposure of data from a secured institution to unauthorized users. It is the intentional or accidental transmission of data from the source of data itself to the receiving party. A data breach is the intrusive access of data by outside entities into the internal system of an establishment.

All are different circumstances yet all are threatening issues of data security and protection in every institution. All are likely causes of identity theft, of company and personal losses, of massive financial and economic costs, and of loss of trust, integrity, and stability of the establishment. And all can be prevented and remedied by excellent data authentication. Not just any ordinary data authentication, but a strong and the right one.

At this point, the importance of proper and strong data authentication comes into the picture. With the emergence of the numerous harms and problems in data security and protection, having just data authentication is not enough; what is necessary and what is efficient is having the right one, a strong one.

Why is putting much effort into having proper and strong data authentication so vital and so beneficial? Here are some reasons why.

Reason # 1: Probable Risks

Single technological harm has a specific nature and unique characteristics. Thus, an equally specific and unique method of data security and protection is of prime importance. The use and effectivity of a certain method of data authentication must match and correspond to the nature of a certain risk.

Have you already thought of the possible threats to your system or network? Is your data authentication method providing a strong and wide coverage of protection for your data?

Reason # 2: Specificity and Appropriateness

The system or network of an institution has its own data, own features, and own purposes. A single establishment exhibits its own specificity and individuality. Therefore, the mechanism of data security and protection must be suitable and appropriate to this specificity and individuality.

Do your data authentication method and your company’s nature go together? Are you already contented and confident in your method of authentication or are you missing out on more appropriate, more efficient ones?

Reason # 3: Usability and Accessibility

Good data authentication has good features of utility, availability, and convenience. However, paving way for convenience is a possible channel through which technological harm may come into an institutional system or network. There must be a balance between the convenience and strictness of data authentication.

Is your data authentication method too convenient? Is your data authentication method too protective?

Reason # 4: Costs and Efforts

Putting up and maintaining data security and protection require various costs and efforts – manpower, finances, time, gadgets and equipment, the list goes on. But no matter how huge or how little the costs are put in the security and protection of the data, the method of data authentication must compensate these costs.

Are the perceived effects of your data security and protection worth the costs? Are you spending too much or are you spending too little on your data security and protection?

After a discussion on the factors in the selection of a data authentication method, the next big question is this: Which data authentication method is the right one? The strong one? The appropriate one?

A lot of methods of data security and protection are just out there, and multiple-factor authentication is being utilized and supported by many institutions nowadays. It is a strong and specific method of data authentication that utilizes many variables in the evaluation of the authenticity and genuineness of users.

2-factor authentication is not just your mere security and protection of data. The use of many factors or variables in data authentication provides strict and strong protection of data and wide coverage of risk prevention. It provides layers and layers of protection and promotes a deep sense of security for its users.

So, how are your data, systems and, networks? Are they safe and protected? Are they in desperate need of stronger security and protection?

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