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When it comes to a phone versus an email campaign, you can rest assured that phones will win every time. Though email marketing is the most prevalent, the fact still remains that most of your marketing emails will find themselves relegated to junk mail. In the event that they are actually seen, all it takes is a quick scan of the subject heading before they’re forgotten entirely.

With mobile marketing, you’re sending a message straight to a person’s phone. Statistically, that means your message is going straight into their pocket, and studies show that an extremely high percentage of marketing texts are read. After all, it doesn’t take long (and it gets rid of that pesky ‘unread’ notification). Despite reluctance from many businesses, mobile marketing remains a highly effective way to engage with consumers.

Here the 6 reasons to use SMS marketing for your business.

1. It’s completely voluntary

No one ever receives a text from a company they’ve never heard of (or at least they shouldn’t).

SMS marketing is a voluntary service, with customers signing up to receive messages because they have a genuine interest in the product. This not only means that you’re contacting the most relevant of people, but also that there’s no chance of causing irritation to those caught unaware. They are receiving marketing texts because they have chosen to, and recognize the benefits.

In terms of gathering subscribers, this is where other facets of marketing come in, such as in-store advertising, word-of-mouth and social media among others.

2. It can show your agenda

Once you have your loyal band of subscribers, don’t feel like every text sent is a precious marketing opportunity that cannot be wasted.

They are, but not in the way you’d think. Many companies are now using SMS marketing campaigns to show their corporate responsibility, by sending texts that encourage the support of major causes. There’s no better way to advertise your company values than by way of mobile messaging. Not every text has to be offering a deal or proclaiming an upcoming sale. Use your SMSes wisely and you can foster loyalty by showing that you care.

3. It’s cost-efficient

Magazines cost a lot of money. Product catalogs are the same. No matter how many of them you shove inside someone’s letterbox, there’s still a very good chance that they’ll find themselves in the recycling bin, not even making it inside a person’s house.

“Text messages can provide the right kind of information: links to items of interest” – Tweet this!

Text messages may be limited in the amount of information they provide, but they can provide links to items of interest. Best of all, they’re inexpensive; with most texts costing just a few cents or less, if they’re sent in bulk. They’re far more cost-efficient than print, television or almost any other type of advertising, and have a much higher chance of success due to the relevance to the receiver.

4. It’s targeted

As previously mentioned, customers have to opt-in to a text message service. It’s not a hidden clause at the bottom of a gigantic form. Rather, if it is, you’ve got a problem- it’s a specific service that they have chosen to be a part of.

It’s not quite the same as a piece of in-store advertising, or maybe a gigantic billboard, but at least in this case you know exactly who is receiving the message, and they are customers or prospects who are interested. SMS campaigns cannot yet be the sole form of advertising due to the limited audience, but they are ranked among the most effective.

5. They’re easy

Emails take a while to compose. From using exactly the right words to formatting every picture and link correctly. These are very common weaknesses shared by most of the advertising form. They take a lot of work, especially if you want them to look professional to a wide audience.

SMSes rely purely on a short message, no more than a couple of sentences. No formatting, no images, no long-winded explanation. You just have to make sure you get the details and the link right then your job is done.

6. They’re more relevant

Email might not be going out of fashion, but it’s not as relied upon as it used to be. Mobile devices are the cornerstone of modern technology, and that makes SMS marketing essential. Not only are they transmitted directly into a person’s pocket (or even their hands), they can be used in a myriad of ways. Customers can text back to receive special deals, participate in competitions or simply receive more information.

The days of one-way communication are over. SMS marketing truly represents the way of the future, as now loyal customers can interact with businesses in a way that has never before been possible.