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Whether you have been actively searching for a new approach to your marketing strategy or you feel as if your old portfolio is holding up well, you should know about the potential benefits of the SMS marketing campaign. This relatively new marketing tool can fill in the gaps of an existing marketing plan that is generally successful, or form one of the pillars of your company’s relationship with its customer base. SMS marketing campaigns are a cinch to set up, especially if you enlist the help of a bulk SMS professional and are one of the most affordable mass marketing options available.


The first step towards setting up an SMS campaign involves creating a database of your clients’ telephone numbers, which can be garnered through customer loyalty subscription plans or other types of opt-ins. After that, your marketing team should identify your company’s primary advertorial goals and craft an enticing set of SMSes of less than 160 characters each to be sent out to your consenting customers. Once launched, you can monitor the success of your campaign from the beginning with statistics and reporting on the arrival rate of your SMS and the click-through rate of your links.

Avoid these mistakes to ensure the success of your SMS campaign

Although a relatively straightforward marketing tool, experience goes a long way in helping you avoid common mishaps in all marketing plans, including SMS campaigns. Think about some of these issues before launching your SMS campaign:

1. Trust the experts

It never hurts to have the guidance of experts when you take a go at any new form of marketing strategy. If this is your first attempt, at least get the consultancy of an SMS campaign expert if not a professional SMS marketing services provider. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot and be forced to confront serious problems from the beginning.

2. Choose a shortcode

Many companies that have launched extensive SMS campaigns have chosen to designate a shortcode in order for their customers to interact with the company and its promotions. Having an easy to remember shortcode replace a traditional telephone number greatly increases the likelihood that your clients will recognize messages from your company and remember the number with which to respond. It costs money to buy the rights to a short code, so make sure you choose yours carefully.

3. Don’t be excessive

Even if your customer satisfaction levels are higher than ever, raining news and advertisements on your clients through excessive SMS marketing can cause problems. You don’t want your loyal fans to become annoyed with too many texts, so aim to send no more than a few text messages a month. Make sure they are still excited to open your enticing SMS!

4. Make them an offer they can’t refuse

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding your customers’ sign-up or participation in your mobile loyalty programs. In fact, offering clients a discount on services or a free gift at their next visit is a wonderful way to show your customers that you appreciate their business while also strengthening your market base. Sending SMS coupons or discounts is a great way to maintain a loyal customer base as well.

If you watch out some of the common pitfalls befalling SMS campaigns by following the advice mentioned above, your next SMSes launch will probably impress you with its immediate and obvious effects. Continue to monitor your campaign through statistics and traffic analysis of SMS sent, learning in real-time about any missed details. Take your company’s marketing to the next level by incorporating SMS campaigns today.